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Induction cookware is faster and much more energy-efficient than traditional electric cooking surfaces. Induction heating only heats the pot and allows instant cooking control, kind of like gas burners. The surface is heated from contact with the pan which greatly reduces the risk for burns, and is a great feature if you have small kids.


What is Induction Cooking?

First of all, you need to know what induction cooking is. Then only you can choose the best induction cookware. So, it is when a pan transfers electrical energy by induction from a coil of wire into a metal pan that is magnetic. The coil attaches under the cooking surface, and a large alternating current passes through it. The current creates a changing magnetic field. When you bring your electrically conductive pot close to the cooking surface, the magnetic field produces an electric current called an “eddy current”, in the pan. The eddy current flows through the electrical resistance, it then creates heat, and now you can start cooking.

Normally, Induction cookware is a type of range that uses a magnetic field and electromagnetic energy to heat up certain types of cookware to cook your food. The electromagnetic field created by an induction cookware reacts with ferrous, or iron-containing, materials in the cookware to create heat. Since safety is always a matter of concern in the kitchen, there are questions about whether hazards exist in association with these devices.

Features of Induction Cookware

Induction cookware is widely different from other type of cookware. It is good and healthy cook food. There are some important features, they are

  • Burns

One of the most attractive features of the induction cookware for consumers is the burn factor. You can pull a sizzling sauté pan off the top of an induction range and slap your hand on the eye and not get burned. This is because induction only heats the cooking vessel and not the surface itself. Touching the pan would burn your hand, but touching the cooking surface would not. It remains at room temperature at all times. This makes induction cookware among the safest options for your kitchen. Children are less likely to be burned in the kitchen because of this technology.

  • No Exposed Coil or Flame

Electric ranges have coils that heat up to extremely high temperatures for cooking. They are very common in homes around the country and work well. But one of their major flaws is the hot surface and its ability to ignite towels or other nearby objects that could cause a kitchen fire. Gas ranges work using an open flame, which has obvious dangers. The open flame of a gas range can ignite many materials, from oven mitts to clothing. The induction cookware has no exposed coil or open flames to contend with, a fact that makes them extremely safe.

  • Radiation

There has been much concern expressed about the effects of electromagnetic energy and the associated low-frequency radiation on physical health in humans. This has been mostly centered on the cellular-phone industry, but induction cookware has been discussed as well. The good news is that the effects of radiation from an induction cookware appear to be minimal. According to The Induction Site, the radiation in the form of radio frequency from the cooking surfaces dies out around one foot from the unit. So unless a person spends lots and lots of time using the device and standing within one foot of the surface, there is no known risk. Heart patients with pacemakers should speak with their doctors about the safety of using induction cookware.

How to Choose the Best Induction Cookware

Choosing best induction cookware is no longer a task for the researcher. In the past is hard to find the best cookware for induction cooking. Now because of induction cookware reviews it is easier than even to find the top quality and more affordable cookware for induction cooking. The best reviews can be found online as most stores do not make their customer reviews public or readily available.

These induction cookware reviews and really any type of review of a product are great guides to use when shopping for cookware and cookware sets. They can help steer you away from the less quality pieces that advertise great, but perform badly. They can also keep you informed and educated on any changes, updates, or new releases when it comes to cookware and how it is used. Induction cooking actually heats up the cookware rather than the source of the heat coming from the stovetop like traditional cooking options. Some cooks, chefs, and homemakers prefer this style of cooking because it is energy efficient and can create a great taste for your food and other prepared dishes. If you are new to induction cooking, you can find recipes online to help you learn the difference in the way food is cooked.

If you buy your cookware, look on the box and it will show with symbols if it is compatible with induction, gas, or electric heat. If you do not have induction cookware and an induction cooking surface, you can still use your pans and it will work well. Some pans like the stainless steel kind work well with an induction surface only if the pan is a magnetic grade of stainless steel. Any black metal or cast iron pans work well on an induction cooking surface as well. If you have copper or aluminum cookware then it will not work well because of the material properties. Due to the fact that these kinds of pans are more conductive than steel and they are non-magnetic. It also produces less heat because it encounters less resistance.

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