Physical activity is essential to our health. Unfortunately, few people are able to stay active particularly as they age. Most simply sit on a chair all day while working or watching TV. This sedentary lifestyle, coupled with loads of junk food, is certainly not good for us. But what is a regular person supposed to do? Most have never taken up any sport in their life or have fancy cricket equipment to help them play. They don't have much time to exercise or any inclination to learn new athletic skills. The good news is that most can do one simple thing: walk to burn calories.

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Where to Walk

The beauty of walking is that it is so basic. Everyone knows how to do it and most are already walking every single day, though perhaps not as focused as they should to make it count. The trick is to walk longer and more consistently such that it becomes part of your daily habit. This should not be too hard since you don't have to wear anything special unlike other sports. Casual clothes will be fine as long as you put on comfortable shoes. You should also find a place where you can go around.

Ideally, this area should be easy to reach no matter what time of the day. Your own neighborhood is the best candidate. If you can get out the door and start walking, then you will not have to waste precious time driving in your car while heading to a destination. You will not have to worry about traffic or weather. You can return quickly to check on the house and the kids if you want to. It doesn't matter what time you woke up or got back home from work. You will probably be able to walk around your own neighborhood at any time of the day.

If you would like to walk somewhere more scenic, then try to find parks around your city or check out the bike paths. Those who live near bodies of water might be able to walk along the banks. You might even want to hike up trails if you want a bigger challenge. These should be nice activities during the weekends when you have more free time. You can venture further and not worry so much about the clock. Make it a communal experience by taking friends or family with you.

Benefits of Walking

There are several reasons why people choose to integrate walking into their daily lives. First, it enables them to control their weight by burning calories as they cover the miles. Second, it improves blood circulation and makes the whole body feel revitalized. Third, it is also good for the mind as walking can serve as meditation in motion. Fourth, it is a low-impact exercise so those who have knee problems can do it without fear of injuries -- as long as there is a proper build-up. Fifth, it can serve as a gateway to more intense activities as the body adapts to the stress.