The 10 best induction cooktops

The 10 best induction cooktopsIn the following pages you will find a collection of what I think is the best induction cookers my research has brought in recent months. I have built-in, portable and even two exotic range for you to browse.

What I want to tell you is that I am not an expert on this issue. Well, I am about this, but I’m not a person working in the industry touch technology. I’m just a woman of average families who love to cook.

Of course, cooking up a large part of my life I consider the source of this site and all beginning just because I need an extra burner in my kitchen during holidays.

This leads me to delve into the world of general induction cooktops because, quite honestly, I have not come across a more accurate, secure and enjoyable cooking anywhere else. In fact, I love my Max Burton so much that I am now in the process of seeking to replace the built-in gas cooktop with touch mine.

Because I do not work in the touch industry, you will find nothing but good, honest and straight to the point in the evaluation of information I’ve collected for you. Just think about my website as a place where you can finally learn all about touch, and maybe a cooktop that will suit your needs.

For Those of You That Don’t Have Much Time

I understand you may have skipped straight to this part of the text. After all, not many people around, who has time to sit down and read through an entire website. So, if you know what induction stove tops are all about, I added a comparison table for you. In this section, you will be able to see immediately which models have included, and if you are so inclined you can go straight to the consideration at the end.

If it’s Information You Need…

Although I have made it possible for you to buy a cooktop if you want, I do about you as much information as possible to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

  • How Induction Work
    I am particularly proud of this section on my site because it was a good deal of research. However, when you read the information I have included here are sure that the penny will drop for you like it did for me.
  • Vs sensor power
    In my research, I have come across so many people are confused about the power and touch. So, on this page you will find everything you need to know. Well, the sensor does not use electricity, but that’s not your cooking!
  • Vs air induction
    I can not give you information about the induction vs without including air power as well. As I said, I currently have a gas cooktop, but hopefully that will soon change. If you are thinking that gas is more efficient than induction, you’re in for a surprise!
  • What Cookware to use
    A lot of people turn their backs on induction cookers, because they think it means they will have to buy a whole new set of cookware. Touch without its limits, but as you can see from the information I have included here have more scope than you think.

Reviews on My Best Pick Induction Cooktops

I’m all about making the search as easy as possible for you, so below you will find my best pick for different kinds of development of cooktops.

  • Stove Top best touch for beginners
    If you are new to the world of induction cookers and wanted to know what it is all about, the Nuwave pic2 is your best bet. Matching cookware comes included with this baby, make it the perfect place to start.
  • Machine Induction Cooktop Best Overall (1 Burner)
    Of course, I had to include the Max Burton 6200 first in my list, because I have one of those! They are great if you want a burner for cooking indoors more, or if you have a power supply even you can use it outdoors.
  • Stove with 2 Burners best
    If you need more than one burner, but still want mobility, sensors True S2F2 double burner is a great choice. And the great thing is that you can also buy it as a model is built-in!
  • Best Built-In Cooktop
    Do not tell your mother PHP960DMBB 5 burner GE built-in cooktop third in my list because she obviously thought it should be first. After spending most of his adult life in anything but touch, she now cooks protect this with his life!
  • The best range with induction
    OK, so this is a range of uses induction cooktop and not just one, but it has been on my list. GE PHB925STSS has some advanced features that I’ve come across. Just check the options perfect turkey!

More information, Hints and Tips

I have found that keeping an induction cooktop is as easy as “pie”, however, if you are new to the touch or still use a traditional glass cook top, see this page some really handy tips.

You can still be a bit skeptical of touch technology, and I can understand that. This is why I have added to this page with cooking demonstrations, where you will see exactly how electromagnetic waves will heat your meals.
And for those out there who have more technical minded, you might be interested in how these cooktops are made so I also added a video on it as well.

Now if you’ve done some research on induction stoves, you may notice the cooktops come in a large range of prices. If you want to know why, I have an answer for you on this site.

You can go to here for more details about ceramic cookware.

A Final Few Words

After all the research I did, I know how the induction cooker has been met with some sense of doubt. But, I speak from experience and months worth of research when I tell you this is the way forward if you want a safe, easy and clean way of cooking. Of course, you should still make your mind, but I just wanted to pass on what I’ve learned, and also to let everyone know how amazing I think that touch technology is.

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